Error: File -> New -> Storm File…”Type Mismatch”

Potential cause: date/number format (user has Window’s 8, perhaps set to French)
Attempt to replicate the error on Windows 7 (CB Laptop) by changing the settings.

  1. Short time from h:mm tt to hh:mm tt
    1. No Bug
  2. Decimal from “.” To “,” Still works, print Storm duration as 10.00 (though MS Excel, for example, has adopted the “,” separator for decimal).
  3. Tried “ “ (space) for decimal separator (Excel accepts the format)…Storms Throws the same error as the user was experiencing, see below
    The client seems to be getting this error when using the comma separator for decimal numbers in Window’s 8, though I don’t in Windows 7.

Interesting that Windows 7 and 10 can use the comma as a decimal separator and STORMS 2010 works, but apparently Windows 8 does not.

Client changed settings to us “.” As the decimal separator and reports that STORMS 2010 is working correctly now.