JFSA has developed a simple and effective application that allows you to see, at a glance, the extent of water at the edge of a river, in anticipation of an overflow. So you can effectively prepare to respond in the right places, while focusing resources where the water will actually go. All accessible on any platform that can access Google Earth.

Specific objectives of the Flood Preparedness Software include:

• Delineated flood extents to identify areas subject to flooding for various flows (return periods) and water levels.
• Data to support the activities and the preparation of resources in advance of a period of high flow.
• Use of municipal GIS data to identify buildings and above-ground infrastructure that would be at risk of flooding during various flood extents.
• Identification of actions and resource deployment measures that municipality staff and or landowners can take before and during flood events to prevent or mitigate damages.
• Information to support communication and decision making between municipal departments, outside agencies and affected communities throughout the different stages of the flood event, including emergency management planning.
• The ability for municipal staff to iteratively develop, revise and add to the tools and plans, as experience is gained through implementation.