About JFSA

Established in 1993…

JFSA Canada Inc. (JFSA) is a specialized consulting firm that provides services in water resources engineering, environmental management and land planning to private and government clients at all levels. Our team is committed to expertise, integrity and professionalism on every project. 

We pride ourselves on our specialized hydrologic and hydraulic modelling skills, advanced software knowledge, clear communication, innovative problem solving, and interdisciplinary team collaboration. Our team is always keen to tackle challenges and advance novel approaches to water management solutions. We love collaborating with other experts across diverse disciplines. 

Our enthusiasm and expertise have enabled us to remain at the forefront of our field, in addition to undertaking research projects, developing software, and conducting fieldwork. 

The JFSA team is dedicated to maintaining our established reputation and high technical standards while developing strong relationships between team members and our clients. Since incorporation in 1993, JFSA has led water resource projects in eastern Ontario, western Quebec, the GTA, and further abroad.