JFSA Planning staff are experienced at supporting the development and management of land and water resource related projects, including interdisciplinary project management. Our team coordinates and prepares applications made under the Planning Act, Conservation Authorities Act, Aggregates Act, and other provincial and local departments, as well as provide policy review, advice and interpretation.

Land Planning & Development Services

• Pre-consultation & municipal liaison
• Application preparation and consultant coordination for planning submissions
• Subdivision, Zoning By-law Amendments, Site Plan Control, Minor Variance, Permissions and Consent (Severance)
• Planning Rationale reports
• Provincial tribunal appeal experience (OMB/LPAT/OLT/Mining and Lands)

Specialized Environmental Consulting: Water Resources, Natural Hazards, Natural Heritage

• Environmental policy and regulation interpretation and development
• Specialization in natural hazards (flood plains, organic soils, slope stability) and environmental features (wetlands, watercourses, fish habitat, species at risk)
• Management & coordination of complex multidisciplinary, water resource-related and environmental projects
• Site specific monitoring and survey coordination/compliance
• Support for compliance with environmental standards
• In-depth knowledge of Conservation Authorities and Province of Ontario environmental agencies/ministries.
• Third-party review of development and regulatory reports/applications
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis of policy and regulatory direction
• Conferences and thematic presentations

Conservation Authority Regulatory/Aggregate Applications

• Natural hazard management (flood plains, organic soils, slope stability, etc.)
• Coordination and support for flood plain and waterway project applications
• Project descriptions, consultant coordination and application preparation for regulatory submissions
• Aggregate operation new applications and revisions to licenses, site plans, permits and environmental compliance support
• Representation on matters under the Conservation Authorities’ Act